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Embedded Systems Services 

End-to-end hardware and software expertise

An embedded system is a microprocessor or microcontroller based hardware system integrated with a software that are designed to perform  a defined function.

We help our customers develop some of the most complex embedded computing solutions by offering a complete suite of services:

System Design

Circuit & PCB Design and Layout


Integration and Packaging

Hardware Testing and Validation

Software Development & Testing

FCC/CE/IEEE-26264 Certification

Mass Production

Our projects have covered following domains:


Network and communicationn

Medical Devices



Defence and Space systems

Helprack embedded hardware expertise are in working with following

  1. Processors - ARM, RISC-V, MIPS, PPC
  2. I/O Buses -  SPI, I2C, I2S, GPIO, PCIe, NVMe, M.2 and other Industry standard I/O
  3. Peripherals - Network  (WLAN, RF, Bluetooth, GbE),  Storage (SSD, SDCard, MicroSD). Camera, Microphone, Sensors (Gyro, GPS, Optical, Piezo, Thermal, Magnetic, Electrostatic, etc), Analog to Digital converters, Digital to Analog converters

Helprack embedded software expertise are

  1. System configurations -  Bare Metal, RTOS and MicroLinux 
  2. Tools and SDKs - GCC/LLVM toolchains and IDE like Eclipse and Visual Studio
  3. Programing languages - C and C++ for development and Python for testing and validation

IoT Device For Wall Socket Power Monitoring

Transfer of Technology for an IoT Device For Wall Socket Power Monitoring. Reverse Engineering the product and fixing issues in firmware.Taking the product through Giteki Certification at UL Labs. Redesign of the product and planning for volume manufacture in India.


Medical Device for Ablation Catheter Positioning

Design and developed an electrophoresis-based Ablation Catheter positioning system from scratch and integrate the same with an AI based rendering system to render the position in real-time.

 Read about other customer implementations.

 Helprack team will work with you to create a best fit embedded for your needs. Reach out to us for any of your embedded system requirements. Let's connect.


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