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Case Studies

Examples of  our customer success stories 


Performance Optimization LLVM

The Helprack team worked with this semiconductor major alongside their existing compiler team, to analyze performance bottlenecks in the Open64 Compiler (x86) and implement C++AMP features in an LLVM based heterogeneous compiler


Native compiler for custom language

Helprack is developing an LLVM Compiler Toolchain for an open source programming language and platform for cloud native application. This customer had performance issues with the java based compiler


GCC based compiler for VLIW processor

Helprack team developed a comprehensive solution using GCC for a VLIW processor with prediction, SIMD operations, complex arithmetic and cordic functions


LTO passes in GCC

Helprack team developed one analysis pass and two optimization passes in the Link Time Optimizer(LTO) of GCC for a client, who wanted to upstream these passes to the GCC community





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